Improved Engine Heater

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This popular engine heater has been redesigned and improved. No more plastic parts to break inside and it is also weatherproof now. Compact heater weighs a little over 2lbs. and should be mounted below the engine heads anywhere in the compartment. Just run one hose from head or block on each side of the engine to the heater. Two hoses in total! No other connection is needed. Just plug in and go. No inline radiator hose valve, no quick release to plugin. It is a totally self-contained unit. It mounts with 4 dzus buttons on one of your engine side pannels. The heater only requires about 13 amps or about a 1600 watt generator will make it work. It will engine up to 170 degrees and keep it there. There are no buttons to push or switches to turn on. It's so nice to not have a heater to load/unload every night and having the extra space in the trailer.