2019 Chassis DVD

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Our customers tell us this is our best DVD ever. The 2019 version features Fred and Freddie Rahmer and has a lot of setups/info not on any of our other DVDs.

Freddie Rahmer gives driving tips and setup advice from the perspective a younger driver. Fred Rahmer and Donnie Kreitz share their proven torsion bar setups they use on wet and dry tracks back and forth in front of the class.

Everything is explained in a way that anyone can understand it. This DVD can help any 305, 360, or 410 team whether its your first year or you have been racing for years and you just want to get an edge over the competition.

The info was so good as I watched the DVDu2019s to proof them, I actually jotted down notes that will help our own 305 and 410 teams. You will not be disappointed.