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2021 Kreitz Chassis Seminar Video


The 2021 Chassis Class Seminar featured World of Outlaws superstar Logan Schuchart. The Allen cars generate a lot of corner speed on wet and dry tracks, while their cars look like they’re easier to drive than others. That’s why we invited Logan to the class and he did not disappoint! Logan shared secrets like picking the correct torsion bars for any track even if you have never been there before. Also how to get a good time trial lap, tips to get thru traffic, shock selection, air pressure, frame height, and how to choose between a 94 or 96 left rear. 

The other guest speaker Jim Shuttlesworth has helped Brent Marks to World of Outlaw victories, elevated Brock Zearfoss to a consistent winner in central Pa, and now has taken Anthony Macri from an also ran to one of the fastest cars in Pa. Jim has been in racing his whole life, knows every aspect of sprint cars including the most accurate rear end squaring technique I ever heard of. 

Jim is a slick specialist, explains how to get off the corner with less wheel spin, how to set the car up with less stagger and still be able to roll the corner. Also the most important car maintenance to do first, using the brakes to go faster, wheel offsets, and front axle placement. Jim also helps many 305 teams and discusses the difference between 305,360, and 410 setups. Lastly Don, Logan, and Jim compare their best slick track setups.

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