2020 Chassis DVD

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Attendees at this class remarked that it was the most informative class we’ve had. No B.S. or old racing stories, just hardcore setup infor for the track and the shop. Speakers include Dan & Ron Musselman from Maxim Chassis. They discuss how long you should run a frame, what to look for when buying a used frame, and expert setup info. Lance Dewease offers driving tips on staying out of crashes, getting thru lapped traffic. and slick track driving tips. Lance also explains from his LD shock company, how to race on any track from wet to dry with only 6 shocks and what those 6 shocks are. Former Greg Hodnett crew chief, Ryan Hand, tells you what is most important to check on the car from race to race. Also, when and how to flush alcohol out of your engine and lines and setup differences when switching back and forth from a 360 to a 410. 2019 National 305 Champion Ken Duke Jr and Sr give 305 set up tips and what you need to change when going from a 305 to a 360. Finally, Don Kreitz Jr gives numerous tips that will work on any class of sprint cars, including a few techniques that will help any crew member diagnose what the car is doing on the track and what to change on the car to fix it. 4+ hours of hardcore info that will help any 305, 360, and 410 driver, and we even hit on a lot of stuff to help the non-wing guys this year.