AL Driveline Driveshaft

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This is the strongest and lightest driveshaft available for sprint car racing that we know of. It starts with USA certified titanium and the complete driveshaft is 100% USA made. The bigger diameter of this driveshaft decreases vibrations which can rob horsepower, break u-joint assemblies, rears, and even crankshafts. The splines have been increased to 44, which is stronger and creates less of a possible bind in the u-joint yoke. This driveline is a work of art and the first time I ever saw it, I thought it was almost too nice to put in the car. Coincidentally, we won the first 3 races after we put it in the car. Available for internal coupler or swivel. Swivel coupler style comes ready for swivel ball, but the ball end is not included in the driveshaft.