Outlaw Sure Grip Steering Wheel

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This steering wheel was designed specifically for the demands of sprint car racing. Made of aircraft aluminum, it is very stout and designed not to flex. The wheel center and spokes are bigger and give more support. This will give you a truer more positive feel from the front tires to your hands. The driver will be able to feel the car better and diagnose what it is doing. The grip of this steering wheel is unreal! The unique material sticks to the leather-like material used on the palm of most gloves. You will not need any steering wheel tape. Also it is lighter than most steering wheels that have any kind of material/rubber coating. Our sport is so competitive in all the sprint car classes; it blows me away that we have to look at steering wheels to try and get an advantage. Get one before your competition does. 

Comes with buttonhead black ti bolts.