Wilwood 11 3/4" SA Stainless Inboard Kit

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This is a complete kit featuring the 11 3/4" SA Stainless rotor. This rotor weighs in at only 4 lbs. It is 11 3/4" OD, which gives it a lot more stopping power than the smaller 10 1/2" model. Testing has proved that this rotor stops so good, in most applications, no right rear or left rear brake is needed. Everything is in this kit that you need. Includes radial-mount, hard-anodized caliper, radial-mount bracket, SA Stainless rotor, Wilwood Trick Inboard Rotor Mount, brake pads, and all mounting bolts/hardware. We took titanium and put this kit on, weight was the same, but it stops better and is half the cost. We've sold tons of these to 305, 358/360, and 410 guys with zero complaints. Stops so good it assists you in running the bottom.

11.35 lbs