Winters Competition Eliminator Rear

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All new redesigned rear features a ground ring & pinion. This is a first for the sprint car industry. The full radius ground teeth increase the strength of the ring & pinion and the teeth are also resistant to pitting, which is normally a common problem. The ground surface and the better contact pattern between the teeth on the ring gear and the teeth on the pinion, make this the most efficient 10" ring & pinion ever offered. This all magnesium rear is 2 pounds lighter than the Pro Eliminator rear. The redesigned center now features a 6 bolt gear cover for faster gear changes. The gear cover is billet instead of cast and an o-ring replaces the gasket for a better seal. Even the breather was looked at, as it was moved from the right side to the left side to prevent oil from blowing out. 

This rear works well in a 410, 360, 358, or 305

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